Accessories to Spruce up your Office Wear Look

Presentation is very important when you are in an office atmosphere. You come across as a confident person if you are well dressed. However, choosing the right outfit and accessories can become a difficult task, especially for offices. Work wear decorum has a few restrictions as compared to regular wear. Flashy clothes and blingy jewellery is considered as a distraction.

The key is to keep it simple. Loud colors and over the top jewellery should be avoided at any cost. The best choices to accessorize a formal look is pearl and diamonds. However, It may not be easy on the pocket for everyone. So, silver jewellery is the next best option as it gives just the right amount of bling and it also looks classy.

We have listed some beautiful silver accessories that will be perfect for everyday styling.


Women love earrings! And why shouldn’t they? It gives them a whole new look and a different dimension to their attire. For office wear, a nice pair of silver stud earrings are your best choice. Pick a pencil skirt or a pair of trousers, team it up with a nice solid colored shirt, tie up your hair and don those lovely silvers. Voila! You are ready to roll.       


Rings are a very classy piece of accessory which beautifies every attire. It looks very elegant when worn with formals. These days Indian formals are also in like sarees, chic kurtis and salwar suits. Rings go well with these outfits as well. Drape a lovely saree or wear a pretty kurti, accentuate it with a glimmering silver ring and expect a shower of compliments.


Women have a lot of options when it comes to accessories. One of the best trinkets to have in your office wear collection is a chain. It is delicate, classy and gives a great look. You can also team it up on your casual outfit for the Friday work look. Dark denims, a blue button-down shirt with your hair left open, a suave pair of heels and an attractive neck piece will ensure that you look like a head-turner.


Bracelet is a piece of jewellery which enhances the beauty of a slender hand. There are different kinds of bracelets that suit every occasion. However, for office wear, it is suggested to wear only one slender bracelet to maintain a professional look. While choosing bracelets, keep in mind the kind of work you are involved in like your usage of the keyboard or working with any medical instruments. Select something that looks ‘wow’ but also doesn’t pose as a distraction for you and your colleagues.


A Kada is a thick metal bracelet worn by men and women. It can be made of any metal like gold or silver. When worn, it depicts a very prominent style statement. Kadas will not suit your western formal attire but, will look splendid with your Indian formals. A simple attire will also be accentuated by a Kada.

Whichever piece of jewellery you choose, keep in mind that it should be pretty but, not distracting. Look for unique, trendy and sober designs.

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