Wedding Ring Traditions Across the World

From time immemorial, wedding rings have been considered as a symbol of eternal love. It is an emblem of affection and devotion between two people to celebrate each other for the rest of their lives. The shape of a ring is essentially a circle. A circle has no beginning and no end and hence, it can be called infinite. Similarly, a wedding ring also denotes an infinite bond between the couple.

Wedding rings hold a huge emphasis in almost every culture of the world. Different cultures have different beliefs and facts associated with the wedding ring. We have listed a few interesting facts about wedding rings and how they are perceived across various cultures.

India – The vein of love

In the Roman era, it was believed that the vein in the ring finger (fourth finger) on the left hand ran directly to one’s heart. Thus, this finger was called as the ‘vein of love’ or ‘vena amoris’. This age-old tradition has persisted and couples in many cultures adorn the wedding ring on the left hand to proclaim their everlasting love for each other. In India too, the engagement ring is always placed on the left hand.

The Chinese tradition

The Chinese have symbolism for every finger on the left hand. The thumb finger represents your parents, the index finger represents your siblings, the middle finger represents yourself, the ring finger represents your life partner and the little finger represents children. So naturally, when a Chinese takes the wedding vows, he/she places the ring on the finger symbolizing the life partner.

England and North America

In these countries, rings are worn as a set marking the milestones during a marriage. First is the engagement ring, which is worn on the fourth finger of the right hand. After marriage, the engagement ring is moved to the left hand, on top of the wedding ring. Finally, comes the eternity ring, which as per tradition, is given on the first anniversary or, the birth of the first child. This ring is either worn on the wedding and engagement ring or, on the opposite hand.


Romania has a very beautiful custom wherein couples gift each other a silver wedding ring which is worn alongside their gold wedding bands. The tradition is in order to celebrate a long lasting marriage and to commemorate the commitment that the couple have and the time they have spent together in this marriage. Lovely isn’t it?


Brides and grooms in Eastern Europe, including Poland, Russia, and parts of Austria and Germany, wear their engagement and wedding rings on their right hand instead of on their left. This practice can also be seen in other cultures. In Nordic countries like Sweden, both the bride and the groom are given an engagement ring. The rings are simple and consist of either plain gold or silver bands.

These are the wedding ring traditions across different countries in the world. However, the most important fact is that wedding rings are a symbol of love and you can choose to wear it on any hand irrespective of the set norms.

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Pre Wedding Jewellery Guide

It is the wedding season and women love to deck up during this time. Indian weddings are usually a grand affair. Every minute aspect related to the wedding is planned meticulously to avoid any last- minute goof-ups. In India, every state has a different tradition and custom which reflects in their wedding rituals. There are also many pre wedding ceremonies that are celebrated with great pomp. The bride and her bridesmaids are dressed up in the best of the clothes and jewellery. Weddings and jewellery are synonymous. The right outfits have to be matched with the right jewellery as there will be a lot of pictures clicked and you don’t want to end up ruining the memories of these precious moments.

We have listed a selection of accessories from our catalog which could be added to your outfit to make you look like a diva for the pre wedding functions.

Engagement ceremony

In an engagement ceremony, the couple exchange rings to proclaim their love for each other. It is also called a ring ceremony. Naturally, the most important accessory on this day will be a ring. You can select a ring in gold, silver or any other precious metal as per your choice. We have a beautiful collection of gold rings for both men and women. Our top pick for an engagement ring would be the Classic Blue Moon band for men and the Cloud nine Arcadia Ring for women. Made of 22 karat gold, these rings will gleam as you declare your love for one another on your special day.


Mehendi (henna) is a very exciting pre wedding ceremony. It is one of the most important functions of an Indian wedding. Earlier, this ceremony used to be a very small affair wherein the bride and her closest relatives would be a part. These days, it has become a grand celebration. Women dress up and show off their best outfits and jewellery. However, it is always recommended that the bride goes for a minimalist look as she has to be in one place for a very long time. So, it is a good idea to feel comfortable. Your outfit will mostly be traditional; either a lehenga or a long anarkali which isn’t very heavy. A beautiful pair of jhumkas will set the right tone to your look. You will look dressed up but, not over the top as well.    


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This is one of the most talked-about and the most glamorous pre wedding functions. A sangeet function is a break from the stressful wedding preparations. It helps the bride and the groom to ease and enjoy. Nowadays, a sangeet ceremony involves a DJ and hep music and dance numbers with lip-smacking food and in some families, liquor is also served. It is a light-hearted occasion where people of all age groups have a good time. Everyone wants to look dapper and a lot of modern forms of clothing are displayed. The bride can wear a long gown in subtle colors like yellow, peach or golden; or you can also go in for a classy designer outfit with hints of gold. Golden is the go-to color in an Indian wedding and hence, you will always spot a hint of gold on the bride across the functions. Team up your attire with our super stylish Nexus kada or the stunning Rhodium polish kada and be picture ready at all times.


The Haldi ceremony is considered to be very auspicious in Indian weddings. Haldi means ‘turmeric’ and during this function a thick paste made of turmeric, curd, sandalwood and gram flour is smeared on the bride and groom. The function usually takes place in the morning on the day of the wedding. Turmeric is very important in HIndu rituals as it signifies purity, good health and fertility. It is also associated with new beginnings, peace and happiness. The bride wears shades of yellow during the Haldi ceremony. She either drapes a lovely yellow saree or a pretty yellow lehenga. This functions marks the use of floral jewellery as well. We have some pretty floral design rings and earrings that you can adorn on your special occasion.

These are going to be your memories for a lifetime so, make the most of it and get pretty pictures clicked and most of all, enjoy yourself and have a lovely time.

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Accessories to Spruce up your Office Wear Look

Presentation is very important when you are in an office atmosphere. You come across as a confident person if you are well dressed. However, choosing the right outfit and accessories can become a difficult task, especially for offices. Work wear decorum has a few restrictions as compared to regular wear. Flashy clothes and blingy jewellery is considered as a distraction.

The key is to keep it simple. Loud colors and over the top jewellery should be avoided at any cost. The best choices to accessorize a formal look is pearl and diamonds. However, It may not be easy on the pocket for everyone. So, silver jewellery is the next best option as it gives just the right amount of bling and it also looks classy.

We have listed some beautiful silver accessories that will be perfect for everyday styling.


Women love earrings! And why shouldn’t they? It gives them a whole new look and a different dimension to their attire. For office wear, a nice pair of silver stud earrings are your best choice. Pick a pencil skirt or a pair of trousers, team it up with a nice solid colored shirt, tie up your hair and don those lovely silvers. Voila! You are ready to roll.       


Rings are a very classy piece of accessory which beautifies every attire. It looks very elegant when worn with formals. These days Indian formals are also in like sarees, chic kurtis and salwar suits. Rings go well with these outfits as well. Drape a lovely saree or wear a pretty kurti, accentuate it with a glimmering silver ring and expect a shower of compliments.


Women have a lot of options when it comes to accessories. One of the best trinkets to have in your office wear collection is a chain. It is delicate, classy and gives a great look. You can also team it up on your casual outfit for the Friday work look. Dark denims, a blue button-down shirt with your hair left open, a suave pair of heels and an attractive neck piece will ensure that you look like a head-turner.


Bracelet is a piece of jewellery which enhances the beauty of a slender hand. There are different kinds of bracelets that suit every occasion. However, for office wear, it is suggested to wear only one slender bracelet to maintain a professional look. While choosing bracelets, keep in mind the kind of work you are involved in like your usage of the keyboard or working with any medical instruments. Select something that looks ‘wow’ but also doesn’t pose as a distraction for you and your colleagues.


A Kada is a thick metal bracelet worn by men and women. It can be made of any metal like gold or silver. When worn, it depicts a very prominent style statement. Kadas will not suit your western formal attire but, will look splendid with your Indian formals. A simple attire will also be accentuated by a Kada.

Whichever piece of jewellery you choose, keep in mind that it should be pretty but, not distracting. Look for unique, trendy and sober designs.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind while buying Gold Jewellery

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Indians love gold! It is a very well known fact that Indians have been fascinated with gold across generations. Every Indian function is incomplete without men and women adorning jewellery made of gold. You can see a myriad of gold jewellery on display during various functions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and even simple kitty parties.

Buying gold has a dual benefit – it is an investment and a fashion accessory. The gold jewellery market is booming these days with both offline and online stores. Customers are becoming more aware while making a purchase and they compare their options before making a decision. However, the increasing number of options could turn out to be quite confusing as well. Hence, to make an informed choice, we have listed some important points to keep in mind while buying gold jewellery.

  • Purity – The first thing that you need to look for while buying jewellery is; purity. Gold is denoted in Karats, with 24 karats being the highest. 24 karat of gold is 99.9% pure and 22 karat is 91.6% pure. However, 24 karat gold isn’t suitable for making gold jewellery as it is very soft and is prone to wear and tear whereas 22 karat has a good wear resistance and is more solid. So, jewellery manufacturers use 22 karats for the same.
  • Making charge – As the term sounds, a making charge is an amount levied as per the labor involved in creating the piece of jewellery. Since making charges is not fixed, many a time customers get fleeced into paying higher making charges. Always be cautious and smart while purchasing gold jewellery.
  • Time of purchase – Gold sales peak during festive seasons and important occasions resulting in an increase in the rates. It would be a smart choice to purchase gold during the non-peak seasons to enjoy the off-season rates. There are also ample discounts and offers during these times.
  • Per gram cost – It is imperative to keep yourself updated on the per gram costs of gold in case you are planning to purchase jewellery. You can check the gold rates from a trustworthy source instead of aimlessly browsing online. The pricing varies across different showrooms so, have your facts together first and then head out to purchase jewellery.

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  • Certificate – We cannot stress enough on the importance of buying certified jewellery as you will be spending a fortune while purchasing gold. Always make it a point to check if there is a BIS certification on the product you want to buy.

Why shop with us?

We at AOFY Gold provide you with the best quality of gold jewellery, gold coins and, bars. Our designs are fresh, new and trendy and we use 22 karat gold for manufacturing jewellery. We have a very popular online presence and jewellery gets delivered to your doorstep. Also, our making charges are very low giving you great value for money. Check our website to see our beautiful range.

Keep this checklist with you whenever you purchase gold jewellery. The more informed you are, the lesser chances of someone fooling you.

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